June 15st

3 things I’ve learned:

  • There is plastic that can degrade back into the soil, and it’s called biodegradable products/materials.
  • It takes 110 gallons of water to make a quarter-pound hamburger
  •  There are such things as vegan leather

Questions I have: 

  • What are vegan leathers? How are they vegan?
  •  How much more attention would veganism and vegetarianism gain in the next 5 years?

One thing I would like to explore more in details: 

How can leather be vegan?

Image result for vegan cows

An image showing how much cows you would save if you stopped eating meat for however long. 




May 31th

3 things I’ve learned:

  •  99.99% of Scientists around the world believe in global warming.
  • In moderate amount, greenhouse gasses are not bad for the earth. Humans won’t be able to survive without greenhouse gasses.
  • A man cloned his German shepherd dog for $90,000

Questions I have: 

  •  How does cloning work?
  •  Is it possible to clone a human in the next 10 years?

One thing I would like to explore more in detail: 

In the near future, is it possible humans to be cloned?

The pups were cloned in Texas laboratory ViaGen Pets.

One of the two puppies that were cloned from the German Shepherd. 


May 15th

3 things I’ve learned:

  • The majority of Filipino immigrants who came to Canada are around 20 to 34 years old, female, and Roman Catholic.
  • The NDP party has 41 seats, The Liberals party has 43 seats, and the Green Party has 3 seats
  • The balance of power is currently under the Green party’s control.

Questions I have: 

  • When can a party be considered the balance of power? Is there a specific number of seats the party has to have?
  • What specifically can the balance of power do?

One thing I would like to explore more in details:

How can a party officially have the balance of power?

Image result for the green party

The official logo of The Green Party of Canada



April 30th

3 things I’ve learned:

  • Three Inuit inventions are snowshoes, igloos, and snow glasses
  • Over the weekend, North Korea launched a Missle
  • An ideal that gets considered into becoming a law is called a Bill

Questions I have:

  • What process does a bill go through to become a law?
  • Who can suggest a bill?

One thing I would like to explore more in details:

How does a bill become a law in Canada?

Image result for the house of commons canada

The House of Commons of Canada 




April 15th

3 things I’ve learned: 

  • Nuclear power is an extremely clean yet extremely polluted and dangerous way of making electricity
  • Americans call Aboriginal people “Native American” and “Indian Canadian”
  • The Russian version of a CIA is KGB

Questions I have:

  • How is Nuclear power dangerous?
  • How does Nuclear power work?

One thing I would like to explore more in details: 

What exactly is Nuclear Power?

a nuclear power plant 


March 31st

3 things I’ve learned: 

  • Snapchat went public yesterday and someone started with $17 and ended with a profit of $24.
  • A series of emails were sent out to several Universities in Montreal, threatening a specific group of people; Muslim.
  • British Columbia just had its first Female Aboriginal RCMP.

Questions I have: 

  • How do people make a profit from apps going public? How does the system work?
  • What was done by the university or police after the emails were sent?
  • What other ethnic/cultural groups does the British Columbia RCMP have on their team?

One thing I would like to explore more in details: 

How much is Snapchat worth?


Snapchat logo



February 28th

3 things I’ve learned: 

  • At the Oscar, La La Land was announced the winner of Best Picture, which turned out to be a mistake. Moonlight was the actual winner of Best Picture.
  • It is considered bad luck for soldiers in the trenches to light several cigarettes at a time.
  • There is a total of 195-196 countries in the world.

Questions I have:

  • How many Oscar award did Moonlight win?
  • How many Oscar award did La La Land win?

One thing I would like to explore more in details:

  • How did the Oscar Best Picture announcement go wrong? Was the printing incorrect? Did the speaker say La La Land by accident or is there another reason?


Image result for oscar best picture award 2017

La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz show the camera and audience the card which read Moonlight as the winner for Best Picture.


February 15th

3 things I’ve learned:

  • The oil and gas development have a birth defect on pregnant women and newborn baby.
  • The government want to prove to people that it is safe to extract oil and gas (hydraulic fracturing.)
  • British Columbia can provide gas to Asia for 84 years.

Questions i have:

  • What kind of birth defect does hydraulic fracturing have on pregnant women and newborn babies?
  • How many gas pipeline will there be in the next 10 years?

One thing I would like to explore more in details: 

  • What exactly is hydraulic fracturing?


Image result for hydraulic fracturing

An image showing how hydraulic fracking works.


January 30th

3 things I’ve learned:

  • The Aboriginal girls have to cook oatmeals as breakfast, and they call it “mush”.
  • The nuns used the Aboriginal children for free labor.
  • The Aboriginal community only takes one strip of bark from a tree, and one from another tree. They do this so that the tree can regrow and heal.

Questions I have:

  • How many times a year did the Aboriginal children get to go back home and visit their parents?
  • Were there any teachers at the school teaching the children, or did the nuns take on the role as teachers?

One thing I would like to explore more in details:

  • How many children died in residential school?

Up to 6,000 children died at Canada’s residential schools, report finds

Related image

A sewing class in a residential school